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Tarn Skout G2 – Für Ferngläser – Tragegurt im Sling-Stil

SKOUT ist der bequemste, sicherste und zugänglichste Sling-Style-Kamera- oder Fernglasgurt der Welt. SKOUT hält Ihr Fernglas nah am Körper. Nichts bewegt sich. Aktive Menschen aufgepasst – SKOUT ist ergonomisch so gestaltet, dass es Ihren Rumpf umschmeichelt. Bequem und gemütlich. Ihre Ausrüstung kann sofort und leise eingesetzt werden. Der Vorteil des SKOUT-Gurtzeugs ist sein festsitzendes Tragesystem. Unsere patentierte Twist & Lock-Halterung sichert Ihr Fernglas an Ihrer Brust. SKOUT bietet eine hervorragende Stabilität und Gewichtsverteilung und hält gleichzeitig Ihre Optik zugänglich.

Produktcode: 475CAMO

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    Tarn Skout G2 – Für Ferngläser – Tragegurt im Sling-Stil
    Tarn Skout G2 – Für Ferngläser – Tragegurt im Sling-Stil
    Tarn Skout G2 – Für Ferngläser – Tragegurt im Sling-Stil
    Tarn Skout G2 – Für Ferngläser – Tragegurt im Sling-Stil
    Tarn Skout G2 – Für Ferngläser – Tragegurt im Sling-Stil
    Tarn Skout G2 – Für Ferngläser – Tragegurt im Sling-Stil

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    Harness Features

    • Made of Kodra Synthetic canvas DWR coding
    • Patented nylon 6 super-strong Twist & Lock camera mount
    • Fits any barrel style binoculars
    • Includes slip-over weather cover
    • Built in small zipper pocket 
    • Comfortable under a backpack
    • Super strong nylon 6 binocular bracket
    • One size fits all
    • Elastic waist strap to ease wardrobe changes
    • Available in Realtree Xtra Camo or Charcoal Grey

    Included in package

    (1) Skout - Sling Style Harness

    (1) Quick Release Safety Tether

    (1) Clip on Weather Cover

    (1) Hardened Nylon 6 Binocular Bracket

    (1) Velcro tether securing strap

    Safety Tether

    Backup high impact rated Safety Tether. Provides an extra level of security when using the harness. Added redundancy allowing you to be certain your camera is always safe.

    Technical Information

    Skout weights 215.5g or 0.47 lbs

    Materials: Kodra Synthetic canvas with DWR coding fitted and a hardened nylon 6 receiver plate

    Quick Release Safety Tether weighs 16g

    Materials: High Impact rated clips made of fiber glass reinforced hardened plastic with aluminum lever and nylon webbing

    Binocular Bracket weighs 31g

    Materials: Made of hardened Nylon 6 with a nylon webbing strap 

    One Size Fits All design going from 26" to 57" inch waist

    No weight max achievable by camera gear but for most stability and comfort with battery grip or Telephoto we recommend the G3 Harness.

    Our updated design also features

    • 3 year warranty against manufacturing defect

    • 30 day no questions asked returns policy

    • 2 day shipping options available for US customers

    • 24/7 customer service from real humans

    Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I use the tripod or quick release?

    The hardware has a tripod holed milled into it for tripod use. If you use quick release we recommend the Universal Tripod Adapter Plate or Universal Arca Swiss L-Bracket.


    Women's sizing

    The harness system is one size fits all with 6 points of adjustment. We get lots of positive feedback from woman photographers.

    Sizing for larger or smaller individuals

    The systems are one size fits all, spanning 26" to 57" inch waist measurements.

    Return Policy

    3 week no questions asked returns and 3 year technical warranty.

    Does the system work for large telephotos like a 600mm?

    The carrier will not fail under the weight of your camera/lens setup. A 600mm will place your weight forward and for some, it becomes a bit awkward. The system will not fail, but it becomes a subjective matter of comfort.

    Can I add another camera or binocular holster after?

    Yes, we offer a modular side holster with camera or binocular hardware. Or the individual hardware for camera or binoculars can be purchased independently.

    Can I put my camera into the binocular carrier's receiver? Or vice versa?

    All hardware uses the same twist and lock system, so you can place your camera or binoculars interchangeably in any receiver. 

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