10 Best Family Travel Tips

10 Best Family Travel Tips

They say experience is the best teacher, what better way to learn about life then to uproot and explore! Easier said then done of course. Especially with kids thrown into the mix. As a family business we know this challenge all to well so we've laid out a couple tips to remember. Here are 10 tips for travelling with the family.

1. Keep it Simple

Nothing wares down a family like overbooking. When planning a trip make sure you keep your schedule relatively open to assure for smooth travels. Adding to much into the itinerary can really tire everyone out, leading to the obvious meltdowns. Be smart, limit your activities. Everyone will feel better and enjoy themselves.

2. Pack Light

Take only what you need, wear your heaviest items on the flight. Makes packing up to continue easier, keeps you focused on the trip instead of remembering if you grabbed all your clothes or that special toy.

3. Keep All Members in Mind

When planning activities or destinations make sure everyone's kept in mind. Each person has different interests and everyone will be happy when they get to do their own thing. Keep the trip memorable for all, plan with everyone in mind.

4. Take Lots of Photos

Be sure to always have the camera ready. Candids or group shots tell the best story. The best way to capture moments is to always have the camera out. The trip may end but the photos will live on. The G3 Strapshot is a great way to keep the camera accessible for those fleeting moments.


5. Travel near a swimming hole

Wether its a pool, a lake, a river or the ocean, swimming is an awesome activity for everyone. Exercise is an added bonus that will give everyone a great sleep that night.

6. Do Things That Are Free

This trick is both for maximum enjoyment and to go further with your budget. Some of the best things in life are free so look around and take a day to take in all the free you can. Nature is always a good bet. Parks, street fairs...etc.

7. See a Doctor Before You Travel

Its important that everyone has all their shots or necessary medical treatments taken care of. Especially when doing some more serious travel its important to consult with a professional. Keep everyone safe and healthy.

8. Keep The Kids in Contact

Find some paper or make a lamented card with your phone number on it. Make sure they kids always have it. If they get separated they can get someone to help or find a way to call.

9. Start Easy

Before the big trips overseas start with a local weekend get away and move your way up. Its crazy how fast you forgot the details of travel. Start small, work your way up. Make lists of what you want to improve.

10. Enjoy Yourself

These memories will last a lifetime for you and your kids. Helps them grow as individuals and together as a family. Time flies so get out their, explore and have fun!