Best destinations in North America!

Best destinations in North America!

With Canada Day & US Independence day on the horizon we thought what better way to celebrate then exploring the destinations that make these two wonderful countries such amazing places to live! In no particular order here are a few of our favorite.

1. Pacific North West

On the west coast of USA & Canada lies the beautiful geographic region of the Pacific North West or as most call it: The PNW. Containing some of the highest biodiversity and tallest trees in the world with perfectly mild weather conditions and a lot of rain. From the top of California, through Oregon, Washington, British Columbia, and back through Idaho we find an astonishing mix of natural and cultural sights. Orcas, eagles, bears, owls, and wolves to name a few of the wild animals to visit. Towering mountains, vast coastal terrain, temperate rain-forest, and crashing waves can all be found in the PNW. A strong aboriginal culture has a presence here with hundreds of coastal nations displaying their unique artwork, traditional music, and ancient ways of life. An array of local pacific wild salmon, dungeness crab, oysters (among other shellfish), ling cod and more seafood is freshly available.

2. The Gulf of Mexico

From beautiful coastal Texas to the Florida Keys with a list of stunning culture and landscapes between. The Gulf of Mexico is the real tropical side of the US. With Houston, Miami, and New Orleans (at the base of the historic Mississippi river) you're welcomed to share their own special blend of southern culture; live music, delicious food and stunning natural wonders. Don't go hungry with Texan BBQ, texmex, Cajun, and southern cooking all the way to Florida seafood. New Orleans holding their own style of blues and jazz always played in the streets. Austin, Texas is literally the live music capital of the world! For wildlife fanatics check out some world renown birding along the coast with some alligators, whales, whale sharks, an extensive list of migratory birds, even more resident birds and dolphins to boot.

3. Maritimes with Newfoundland & Labrador

Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Newfoundland & Labrador hold an old time Canadian history. With its deep blue Atlantic seas, vast quantities of marine life, moose, rough weather, and hardy yet charming folk whats not to love? Known for their hospitality everyone's greets you with open arms and a plate of food. A unique style of music including their own spin on traditional Celtic fiddling, a vast quality of world renown seafood, picture perfect homes along a beautiful coastal landscape and a variety of wildlife including whales, Puffins, seabirds, arctic foxes, many migratory birds, Blue Jays, Cardinals, and many more.

4. Yellowstone National Park

A rugged land filled with natural wonders and sights worth anyone bucket list. Photographers, cowboys, and outdoors lovers alike flock, enamored by the natural beauty. Yellowstone is a giant caldera, a collapsed ancient volcano, which provides geysers and hot springs bringing in a huge dense variety of wildlife. Wolves, Bison, Bobcats, Coyotes, White-tailed deer, Grizzlies, Bighorn sheep, Lynx, Moose, Mountain lions, the list goes on.... truly a spectacle.

5. Banff National Park, Alberta

A true gem of Canada, this is the picture perfect destination you see in all the travel magazines. With a vast unending stream of stunning mountains as you drive up to aquamarine blue lakes waiting for you to launch the canoe. A landscape photographer might not get a rest on this trip. Dinosaur bones, friendly folks and an array of ski & snowboard destinations, Banff surely has plenty to keep you entertained.

6. Canada's North & Alaska

Blasted by arctic conditions Nunavut, North West Territories, the Yukon and Alaska retain their natural beauty as only the few and daring explore these lands. Wondrous displays of northern lights, gold, a rugged history both recently and in regards to the Inuit who lived off of these tough lands a millennia. Nature is big in the north, and so are the rewards for those who travel here. Polar Bear, Moose, Arctic wolves, Caribou, Musk-Ox, Narwhals, Whales, Seal, and more.

7. Hawaiian Islands

A true tropical paradise, this volcanic archipelago in the pacific is a place every North American see's at least once in a lifetime! With ocean side patterned peaks, countless waterfalls, and an almost constant stream of rainbows what's not to love? Visit a volcano erupting into the sea, relax on the soft sandy beaches, go for a stunningly beautiful hike with lush tropical plants and trees. Enjoy fire dancing, eating local ingredients, and just slowing down for a few days in paradise.

8. California coastline

A ride down the coast line of California is a real america experience. Taking in the powerful crashing waves on rock as you drive down the beautiful weather blessed golden state. From San Francisco through Big Sur, Santa Maria, Santa Barbra, into Los Angles to the Southern border in San Diego. Caves dug out of the rock walls with soft sand beaches to explore. Each city holds its own very charming laid back appeal. This is a trip you rent the convertible for, with countless stops to capture the man made and natural coastal beauty.

9. America's East Coast

Where it all started for American Independence you find the tightly knit states that make up the US east coast. Big historic cities like New York, Boston, Washington, and Philadelphia all with their melting pot of cultures and personalities. The destination for american independence, you'll find all the historic sites and monuments for the history buffs.

10. The Prairies

Big skies, big sunsets and the lands of a million lakes the prairies hold some old time Canadian beauty. With kayaking, canoeing, tons of fishing, camping, hiking, and biking your outdoor activities are endless. Holding a strong musical history with artists like Neil Young, The Guess Who, Tom Coltrane, Joni Mitchell, K.D. Lang, Feist, and even continuing to push new talent with acts like Colton Wall or The Sheepdogs. From the Calgary stampede to Winnipeg folk festival to fishing giant Pike you'll find the prairies hold a true Canadian spirit.