Cotton's Holiday Gift Guide 2018

Cotton's Holiday Gift Guide 2018

We all want to be that cool dad, mom, girlfriend, cousin, or uncle with the perfect gift. If that's what you are after then we have a list for you. Be cool, be practical, choose quality over quantity this year. Here are some of Cotton's suggestions to get you started.

1. BioLite Smokeless - Wood & Charcoal Burning FirePit

Nothing beats coming back from adventure to a fire. Where you grill up some dinner with your friends & family enjoying the futuristic heat of this smokeless wood-burning grill. Really any day ended on that note can be considered a win. So don't miss out on this wonderful piece of technology that will get a lifetime of use.

Quick notes:

- Runs on a rechargeable battery + wood or charcoal

- Cooks your food or creates a warm smokeless portable firepit (or both!)

- Environmentally friendly alternative to gas options

- Smokeless

Biolite FirePit info here

2. Skout - The Original Sling Style Harness

There you are, in the field, walking along and WOW an owl swoops by right over your head. You, in a scramble, quickly take off your bag, unzip, grab your camera and its gone. We've heard this story all to many time. The new Skout eliminates this problem by keeping your camera secure, fixed, and easily accessible. A perfect addition to any photographers gear list. Ditch the neckstrap, get a gift that gives you a photographic advantage.

Quick notes:

- Hands-free

- One size fits all

- Easy on, easy off

- Fixed position carrying

- Comes in Realtree Camo or charcoal grey

- Includes quick release safety tether and weather cover

- For camera or binoculars

Cotton Skout info here

3. Honcho Poncho Sleeping Bag Poncho

The Swiss Army Knife of sleeping bags, the Honcho Poncho gives you choice. A fun gift for those who love camping and enjoy the little things in life.

Quick notes:

- Synthetic insulation to regulate humidity and keep dry

- Hood & deep pockets

- Pack up into own storage pocket

Honcho Poncho info here

4. Lens Baby Lenses

Create miniature macro worlds, rich landscapes, otherworldly street scenes, and more with versatile LensBaby art lenses. Compose scenes that are lit from within, emanating glow at wide apertures. Shoot at darker apertures to give your photos a sharp, vintage look – with a subtle fall-off on the edges. Focus close to discover an entirely new, larger-than-life miniature world.

Quick notes:

- Artistic vintage effect to your photos

- Focus edges and the dreamy atmosphere

- Versatile

Lensbaby info here

5. Gura Gear Bag

Designed for comfort, even on long journeys, the bag offers multiple carrying methods and supports in addition to the adjustable and padded shoulder straps, including a stowaway harness, removable waist belt, a durable sternum strap, and riveted carrying handles on the top and side of the bag. Users can carry much more than just their camera gear, as there is a way to configure the bag with a multipoint tripod/monopod attachment and M.O.L.L.E. attachment points on the side. Additionally, it comes with a removable rain fly that can double as a ground cloth, and a custom-fit dust bag.

Quick notes:

- Butterfly Multi-Access System

- Fully Adjustable Internal Divider System

- Multipoint Tripod/Monopod Configuration

- Stowaway Harness & Removable Waist Belt

- Removable Rain Fly & Custom-Fit Dust Bag

Gura Gear info here

Practical Stocking Stuffers!

Nalgene Water Bottles will always get some use. Inexpensive, lightweight, and practical this is a guaranteed practical item.

LensPen gives the gift of clean optics. With single pens or variations you can provide an easy inexpensive quality boost to your loved ones photography.

Options for smartphone, laptop screen, camera sensor, and glasses available too.

Cotton Camera Handstrap - an inexpensive add-on that works for any camera. Give the gift of security and extra grip for any level of photographer. Comes complete with a quick release Arca Swiss style tripod plate.

Yeti Mugs top notch ways to keep your beverages insulated. Keep that coffee or tea hot on the hills or your drink ice cold all day on the beach. A year round accessory for anyone who likes to enjoy themselves.