Feature: Brand Ambassadors A Couple Without Borders

Feature: Brand Ambassadors A Couple Without Borders

We headed to Colombia to bird the areas near Cali ( Dagua Valley/KM18, Buga and Buenaventure) for the second time, staying at the incredibly beautiful Aruacana Lodge. We stayed for two weeks, this time bringing groups of 5 of our IG followers with us each of the weeks as part of our “Travel With Us” series.

For everyone there, it was their first time to the region and for all but one, their very first time to Colombia.

If you’re a birder, it’s impossible not to be in awe of the beauty of the birds and of the country - and re-experiencing it through fresh eyes with each guest is so special and rewarding for us. Of course, we had to take Cotton Carrier selfies since four others on the trip brought theirs!

Photo by @Acouplewithoutborders

During the two weeks, so many times they would randomly mention how much of a difference Cotton Carrier had made for them - from being able to navigate uneven terrain hands free, to the amount of shoulder and back stress they used to have before using them….the most overheard comment. Cotton Carrier harnesses are by far the single best camera accessory we own - and we made sure the others on the trip who didn’t have one got to try out ours! Paul uses the G3 for his Sony A7rIV with 100-400 lens and binoculars on the side (when he feels like bringing them ;)). I use the sling belt side harness for my Nikon P100, and the Skout for when I’m biking or kayaking. The ability to easily bring along our cameras no matter the activity has only enhanced our enjoyment for everything we do.

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