Five Photographers to Follow

Five Photographers to Follow

They say that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery. And while we don't suggest you copy anyone's work, we highly recommend drawing inspiration from others whose work you respect and admire.

There are hundreds if not thousands of amazing photographers who are showcasing their work on social media these days. Here are five that we love to follow, study and emulate.


Based in Toronto, Canada, this modern photographer/videographer/blogger and personality strikes a chord with his viewers and followers. McKinnon has amassed over 1.2 MILLION subscribers on his YouTube channel! No small feat considering how crowded that space is.

McKinnon brings a cool modern edge to his videos but we love him best for his photography tips and hacks. He clearly lays out the steps, the dos and the donts, applicable to all levels of photography and cinematography. Be sure to check out his vlog, which is more personal in nature, and his two-minute Tuesday videos.

Check him out on YouTube and on Instagram.


Evin is a photographer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. His easy-to-digest videos are full of solid editing and shooting techniques and tips on ways to save money. He also shares details on fun photography contests and events on a regular basis. We love his casual style and the behind-the-scenes look into his life and work.

Check him out on YouTube and Instagram.


For those looking to improve their portrait photography and give it a clean, modern feel, we recommend checking out Jessica Kobeissi's work. At almost half a million followers, this Lebanese American photographer is clearly resonating with the photography world.

With her focus on fashion and portrait photography, Kobeissi gives plenty of insight into the techniques she uses to create her beautiful shots. Watch her work and learn by example. One of her tips is to create a comfortable atmosphere when shooting - key when you're trying to bring out the best in your model. She also offers photoshop tutorials.

Check out her YouTube Channel and her Instagram.


As he explains on his YouTube channel, Sean Tucker is more interested in why of photography, rather than the how. This Brit focuses much less on tips and gear, and more on how to view the world around you. Vision and inspiration are the names of his game.

His introductory video sets the tone that this is not like other "how-to" channels. Tucker's aim is to explore the more complex ideas of an artistic mindset. Some of his videos are longer than most, but we find ourselves immersed in their beauty and reflecting on his messaging.

Check him out on YouTube and on Instagram.


This Canadian photography based in Calgary is known for going all out with her portraits. From Lightroom to on-site shoots, Rudnyk provides quality tips and insights into all kinds of portrait photography styles, bringing much creativity to the genre. In addition to her tutorials, she also shares behind-the-scenes videos, DIY and travel vlogs.

Check out her YouTube channel and her Instagram.

Have any must-follow photographers? Be sure to let us know!