Have you ever watched a great photo pass you by?

Have you ever watched a great photo pass you by?

We know how it goes, every time you forget the tripod you need it, every time you decide to leave the camera behind a beautiful shot presents itself! How do you fix this? Never cut corners, always have the camera ready. Here are a few ways to keep your camera ready for action.

1. Keep it simple

The most important photo is the one you take. If you don't always want to lug around the pro setup find lighter options. Maybe a secondary smaller camera or just a lighter prime lens with your larger camera. Meet halfway, travel light if you have to but don't get caught without your camera!

2. Invest in a better bag or camera harness

How you carrying your camera is important. Accessibility, ergonomics, and reliability. Keep the burden of carrying your camera down so you have more energy to focus on whats ahead. Do your research and find something that allows you to carrying your camera with stability while accessible for that split second when a photo may come and pass. The best camera is the one you can quickly access and comfortably carry. Our G3 Strapshot or Skout are good options.

3. Get multiple batteries, memory cards, and chargers

A dead camera doesn't take photos, a full memory card doesn't do you much good either. Having multiples may seem expensive but its money well spent on something you actually use. A good tip for prolonging the life of your batteries is to keep them charged at 50% or above. If you use your battery to 0% every time it can shorten its overall life. Keep a spare memory card in your wallet or phone case, it doesn't have to be a 64GB, just enough to save you in a pinch!

4. Get motivated!

Visual that perfect photo, understand it takes work but it is worth it. Knowing that perfect shot is out there waiting for you will make you unable to leave the camera behind. Missing those sweet family moments, that unexpected falcon, maybe that sudden breaking news story, or wonderfully weird looking person walking down the street. Keep up to date with your favorite photographers and get yourself stoked on photos. This is a sure fire way to keep your camera at your side. (Also a good way to add some excitement to otherwise mundane parts of the day)

5. Make it part of your routine

Wake up, make breakfast, drink your coffee, grab your camera. Meld photography into your routine and make it part of your life. Taking a couple exposures on the daily commute, making yourself balance the shutter aperture and ISO will keep your head in the game and drastically improve your photography in the long term.