How to Carry Your Camera Everywhere

How to Carry Your Camera Everywhere

Cameras are made for taking photos, but it’s not easy to carry your camera everywhere you go. For anything like landscapes, adventure sports, street photography, or travel photography, you’re going to need the right equipment that gets your camera from Point A to Point B in the safest and easiest way possible. Your camera will always be the safest at home, but you can always minimize the risks when hiking, rock climbing, or walking around a big city.

Use a Camera Bag

When you’re taking your camera on trips or in the car, it’s important to keep it safe rather than ready. There are hundreds of camera bags to choose from and which bag you choose depends on the situation you’re carrying your camera in.

  • City bags: If you will be traveling by car and know you’ll be stopping, these bags keep your camera safe while making it less of a target when sitting in your car by not “looking” like a camera bag. This bag generally has room for your camera, but also for other regular items.
  • Travel bags: These are designed for traveling on planes with your camera. They come designed as regular bags like travel backpacks or hard shell cases that are practically indestructible.

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    Use a Camera Harness

    Camera harnesses are designed with quick access in mind. They allow you to reach down, grab your camera, and take photos really quickly. There are many types of camera harnesses, but the versions that strap onto your waist and across your body are the more comfortable and secure options.

  • Shoulder Strap Camera Harnesses: These camera harnesses are designed for active photographers. They support and secure one or multiple cameras with a long lens, keeping it always at the ready. The camera vest carrier distributes the weight of the camera to help lessen the fatigue of long shooting days.
  • Sling Style Camera Harnesses: Sling harnesses hold your camera close to your body without moving around a lot. They are designed to hug your body, keeping your gear snug and comfortable. The sling-style camera harness is best for single camera usage and active photographers.
  • Belt Camera Harnesses: Belt harnesses are a versatile carrier for cameras, lenses, and extra gear. They secure your camera to your hip to help quickly and quietly deploy your camera for instant shooting.

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    Carrying Your Camera Smarter

    In the end, the smaller and lighter your setup is, the easier time you will have when carrying it around. You want a system that allows you to easily access everything you need while still ensuring your camera won’t be hitting things and getting damaged. At Cotton Carrier, all our harnesses are made with professional-grade materials and a patented Twist and Lock system that not only ensures your camera is safe, but that you are comfortable while wearing it. Visit our website to view our collection of camera harnesses and accessories.