Photographers to Watch in 2017

Photographers to Watch in 2017

As the year comes to an end, we reflect upon and appreciate all of the beautiful and timeless images that have been created these last 12 months. We remember those photographers who have left a lasting impression, and those who have spurred us to do what we love most - SHOOT!

Looking forward, here are some of the photographers we'll be watching in 2017, those who've raised the bar and continue to impress, inspire and motivate.

von wong, photographers to watch in 2017

Von Wong

Von Wong has been pushing the parameters of photography for a number of years. From deep sea dives with mermaids (yes, you read that right) to cliff-hanging skyscraper shots to getting up-close-and-personal with an active volcano, Wong continuously increases the complexity and difficulty of his images. All we can do is sit back, and gaze in awe and wonder. We predict he'll continue to blow up the photography scene for years to come with his extraordinary vision and epic creativity.

photographers to watch in 2017, david rosenzeig, 2016 youth photographer of the year

David Rosenzweig

From Mineola, New York, David Rosenzweig has made a big splash onto the photography scene. After shooting for only four years, and at the ripe old age of 18, he has travelled throughout Africa taking photos and working with conservationists to help save big cats and rhinos from extinction. At 17, Nature's Best Photography selected one of his images for the 2016 Youth Photographer of the Year, and his work was displayed in Washington, DC. Did we mention he's only 18?

Eli Locardi

What do you get when you combine a world traveller, a stunning photographer and a super nice guy? Eli Locardi. With his very popular blog,, he has carved out a unique place in the world of photography. He and his wife are 100% location free, living without a home since 2012. Best known for his cityscapes and unique imagery from around the globe, Locardi has visited over 55 countries and counting. We admire is passion and his wandering spirit and looking forward to seeing the world through his lens.

photographers to watch in 2017, connor stefanison, burnaby photographers

Connor Stefanison

Connor Stefanison & Jess Findlay

They say genius happens in pockets. With Stefanison and Findlay both heralding from the same place as CC inventor Andy Cotton, we can only assume that adage is true!

From Burnaby, British Columbia, these two photographers have taken full advantage of the natural beauty in their proverbial backyards. With multiple awards in their back pockets and a list of accomplishments a mile long, Stefanison (25) and Findlay (23) have more cred than many photographers twice their age.

Jess Findlay

From the London Natural History Museum to the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC, these two have displayed their work in some of the world's best museums, alongside the best in the biz. Their momentum is only picking up speed and we look forward to seeing where their talent takes them in the year ahead.

Anne Tenne

Is your wedding day your dream day? Then wedding and portrait photographer Anne Tenne will ensure the photos from the event will be utterly dream-like. With a focus on interesting and creative lighting, and a somewhat pastoral eye, Tenne is a wizard at making the big day look EPIC. Her modern style with a classic feel ensures that happy couple, and the landscape, are truly picture perfect.

Top Image: Eli Locardi