What is the Best Camera for Nature Photography?

What is the Best Camera for Nature Photography?

Nature is full of variety. From weather conditions and geography to wildlife, you want to be able to capture the best results. With such diverse subjects, the required camera equipment can be broad. When looking for the best camera for nature photography, you’ll want to ensure that it will offer a good resolution, fast and accurate autofocusing, and a high frame rate.

3 Best Cameras for Nature Photography

With so many niches within nature photography, the right camera depends on what kind of photographer you are. One who focuses on fast-moving wildlife will have different priorities than someone who prefers close-ups of flowers and fauna. We’ve broken up our favorites below with the niches in mind.

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1. Overall Best Camera: Sony a9 II

If you are looking for a camera with everything, this is the one for you. The Sony a9 II is a high-end, full-frame mirrorless camera that comes with a 24.2 MP sensor and an impressive autofocus system. For wildlife photography, there is the added bonus of the 20 FPS frame rate. Complete with the silent shutter, this means you’ll likely get a perfect shot in the burst of photos you capture. You’ll get high-quality shots no matter what.

2. Best Wildlife Camera: Fujifilm X-Pro3

The impressive 30 FPS is hard to beat if you’re shooting in speed. This X-Pro3 packs a highly capable phase-detection autofocus system, which will help with fast and accurate autofocusing. With improvements to the viewfinder, it makes for a more accurate and realistic display of the frame. Another major advantage of this camera is its frame rate. You’ll be able to capture excellent bursts of moving wildlife with a max of 30 FPS.

3. Best Plant-Life Camera: Canon 5D Mark IV

This camera is one of the more popular ones of Canon’s line. While an older model, this Canon DSLR still holds its own, even against powerful mirrorless options. It has a sensor with amazing resolution (30.4 MP) and an excellent image processing engine. The higher resolution gives you the advantage of being a little on the lazy side at times because you can shoot wide and then crop later. Thanks to its DCI 4K capabilities, you can also pull 8.8 MP stills out of your 4K recording.

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Best Camera Harnesses for Nature Photography

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