What is the Best Camera Sling Bag?

What is the Best Camera Sling Bag?

Every photographer who is always on the move, no matter their expertise, understands the importance of a light and snug sling bag or harness that won’t weigh you down. Depending on the style, camera equipment, and use, there are a number of sling bags on the market. While it’s good to have variety, it can be just as overwhelming.

Whether you’re looking for a budget-friendly sling bag to carry with you on your travels or a sling harness so you’re ready to capture any moment, we have the tips and features you should be looking out for when looking for a camera harness.


5 Features You Need in a Camera Sling Bag or Harness

1. Compatible Strap for Tripod

If you are a photographer who needs to carry a tripod, make sure a sling bag or harness comes with a holder or adapter to carry it. Most of the time, tripods are too big to fit in a simple camera bag and you don’t want to use up a free hand to carry it. For example, at Cotton Carrier, we have a Universal Tripod Adapter Plate that fits with our SlingBelt Carrying System.

2. Water Covers

Having a form of waterproofing for your camera or sling bag will be helpful if you ever get caught in the rain or find yourself capturing photos by the water. The last thing you want is for your gear to get wet on a long hike or when you’re not prepared. Waterproof dry bags and slip-over covers are great to help keep your gear safe.

Cotton Carrier Dry Bag

3. Adjustable and Comfortable

Comfort is key when carrying your camera, especially if it will be strapped across you around your waist or chest. You’ll want to look for a bag that’s ergonomically designed for comfort and features elastic straps to seamlessly adjust when adding or shedding layers.

4. Mobility and Security

It may seem like a given that you want your camera to be secure, but without the proper stability, your camera can move about your body and bang against other gear. At the same time, you also don’t want your sling bag or harness to restrict your mobility. Look for a sling-style harness that has a clip to stabilize your optical gear so you’re free to run, ride, or climb.

5. Room for Accessories

While sling bags or harnesses are meant to carry less than a bigger case or backup, it should still allow you to carry more than just a camera. You should be able to carry things like a tripod, but there should be compatibility for additional lenses and even additional cameras. Make sure there is room for those things as well as adaptable accessories that you can remove and attach.

Cotton Carrier Sling Style Camera Harnesses

At Cotton Carrier, we design camera harnesses that allow you to focus on capturing a beautiful moment without compromising the safety of your equipment. In our wide variety of camera harnesses, we have sling-style systems that come equipped with our Twist & Lock system.

Cotton Carrier SlingBelt

SlingBelt Carrying System

Cotton Carrier is now offering the SlingBelt Camera Harness! SlingBelt is the world’s most comfortable, versatile carrier for cameras, lenses, binoculars, and extra gear. Our patented mount secures your camera and/or binoculars to your hip for instant shooting.

Skout G2 Sling Style Harness

The most comfortable, secure, and accessible sling-style harness, the Skout holds your camera close to your body and is ergonomically designed to hug your chest. It offers great stability and weight distribution while keeping your optics accessible.

To explore more camera harnesses and additional accessories, check out our stock.