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Grey Skout G2 - For Camera - Sling Style Harness

SKOUT is the world's most comfortable, safe and affordable camera or binocular harness. SKOUT holds your binoculars close to your body. Nothing moves. For active people: SKOUT is ergonomically designed to fit your body. Comfortable and snug. Your equipment can be deployed instantly and silently. The advantage of the SKOUT harness is its fixed-position carrying system. Our patented Twist & Lock mount secures your binoculars to your chest. SKOUT offers great stability and weight distribution, while keeping your optics accessible.

Although the Skout can support the full weight of a camera system, we recommend small to medium-sized installations. For larger DSLRs with battery grip and telephoto lens, the G3 harness system is best suited.
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    Grey Skout G2 - For Camera - Sling Style Harness
    Grey Skout G2 - For Camera - Sling Style Harness
    Grey Skout G2 - For Camera - Sling Style Harness
    Grey Skout G2 - For Camera - Sling Style Harness
    Grey Skout G2 - For Camera - Sling Style Harness
    Grey Skout G2 - For Camera - Sling Style Harness
    Grey Skout G2 - For Camera - Sling Style Harness
    Grey Skout G2 - For Camera - Sling Style Harness
    Grey Skout G2 - For Camera - Sling Style Harness

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    SKOUT Features

    - Patented Twist and Lock carrying system

    - Secures 1 camera comfortably

    - Made in two colors: Realtree Xtra Camo and Charcoal Gray

    - Allows you to be active while having your optics accessible

    - Strap design goes on in a flash. Slips over the shoulder, then clips around your torso. Easy to put on. Easy to remove

    - Comes with a quick-release safety clip to prevent accidental drops

    - Comes with our protective weather cover

    - Fits comfortably under a backpack

    Included in the package

    (1) Skout - Sling Style Harness

    (1) Quick Release Safety Tether

    (1) Clip on Weather Cover

    (1) CCS Hub - Flat Mount Hardware

    (1) High Density Rubber Washer

    (1) Mounting Bolt Marine Grade Stainless Steel Camera Lever

    (1) Allen Key


    Original Cotton Carrier, flat, virtually indestructible, frictionless, hard anodized aluminum hub. Secured with a slotted hole to allow slight adjustment to avoid blocking the battery door. A threaded hole on the hub allows you to continue using your tripod with our system.

    Safety tether

    High impact emergency safety tether. Provides an additional level of safety when using the harness. Additional redundancy so you can be sure your camera is always safe.

    Weather coverage

    The G3 weather blanket is designed for the elements. This free-standing bag is weather-resistant and protects against dust and water. There is 10 inches of clearance inside. Complete with clip to attach.

    Technical informations

    Scout weighs 215.5 g or 0.47 lb

    Materials: Kodra synthetic canvas with DWR coding and hardened nylon 6 receiver plate.

    Quick-release safety tether weighs 16g

    Materials: Impact resistant fiberglass reinforced plastic clips with aluminum lever and nylon webbing.

    Camera hardware weighs 20.5g

    Materials: (CCS hub - flat mounting hardware, high density rubber washer and stainless steel marine grade camera mounting bolt)

    One size fits all models ranging from 26" to 57" inches in size

    No maximum weight achievable by photo equipment. This system is best suited for your small to medium sized installations. For added stability and comfort with the battery grip or telephoto lens, we recommend the G3 harness.

    Our updated design also includes

    • Garantie de 3 ans contre les défauts de fabrication

    • Politique de retour de 30 jours sans poser de questions

    • Traitement le jour même ou le lendemain

    • Service client 24h/24 et 7j/7 par de vrais humains

    Questions fréquemment posées

    Comment utiliser un trépied ou un dégagement rapide?

    Le matériel est doté d'un trou fraisé pour l'utilisation de trépieds. Si vous utilisez un dégagement rapide, nous vous recommandons la plaque d'adaptation universelle pour trépied ou le support universel Arca Swiss L-Bracket.


    Taille pour femmes

    Le système de harnais est de taille unique avec 6 points de réglage. Nous recevons beaucoup de commentaires positifs de la part des femmes photographes.

    Taille pour les personnes de petite ou de grande taille

    Les systèmes sont de taille unique, allant de 66 cm (26 pouces)  à 145 cm (57 pouces) de tour de taille.

    Politique de retour

    Un mois de retours sans poser de questions et 3 ans de garantie technique.

    Le système fonctionne-t-il pour les grands téléobjectifs comme un 600 mm?

    Le support ne cédera pas sous le poids de votre appareil photo et de votre objectif. Un 600 mm place votre poids vers l'avant et pour certains, cela devient un peu gênant. Le système ne faillira pas, mais cela devient une question subjective de confort.

    Puis-je ajouter un autre étui pour appareil photo ou jumelles après?

    Oui, nous proposons un étui latéral modulaire avec le matériel pour appareil photo ou jumelles. Vous pouvez également acheter le matériel individuel pour les appareils photo ou les jumelles indépendamment.

    Puis-je mettre mon appareil photo dans le récepteur du porte-jumelles? Ou vice versa?

    Toutes les pièces utilisent le même système de rotation et de verrouillage, ce qui vous permet de placer votre appareil photo ou vos jumelles de manière interchangeable dans n'importe quel récepteur.

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